Members of our team

Members of our team

Advention attracts a diverse group of global leaders who bring strategic experience, positive working culture and unique capabilities to the team. We are proud of the collaborative and positive working environment. Our goal is to attract individuals who contribute to this unique culture.

Global connection

For over 20 years, Advention has fostered team interaction by maintaining a single, global P&L – which eliminates barriers that prevent teams from working together across offices. Advention hosts an annual offsite meeting where we meet in-person to share experiences, build relationships and interact. Advention continuously invests and deploys resources that enable our teams to work fluidly across offices.


Advention provides a thorough onboarding process for new employees irrespective of level to learn about their colleagues, our values and our capabilities before joining client-facing project teams.

Team testimonials

Vice President

I joined Advention in 2019 after 12 years with a Big 4 firm. Advention attracted me by offering a global team at a boutique scale. Advention is a firm where an individual can make a significant impact on business development, on client delivery and on the firm’s culture. Since joining the team, I have worked with a passionate team of strategic thinkers on highly valued projects for industry leading clients.

Junior Manager

Four years ago, I joined Advention from my studies at ESCP. When choosing amongst multiple offers, at Advention I saw an opportunity to be directly responsible for critical elements of project delivery. Having friends who had already joined Advention, I knew it was a friendly working environment where I could build professional relationships early in my career.

Vice President

When I joined Advention I was told by a manager that the balance between the quality of projects, my life outside of work and the compensation was difficult to surpass. 7 years later, I can say this is true. Advention delivers on these promises.

Career journey at Advention

  • Upon joining the team, you will get a full download on the history of our firm, our clients and our methods - our goal is to provide you with the tools you need for early success with the team.
  • When ready, we will integrate you into our global practice by assigning you a seasoned mentor and staffing you (most often) on a global project.
  • On project, we have developed guidance documentation, tools, templates and knowledge management to help you align with our global standards for client delivery.
  • At Advention, we feel every member of the team is a valuable resource and all consultants participate in internal strategy sessions and client updates.
  • During your career with Advention, you will receive individual feedback after every project and participate in bi-annual global performance reviews by level. Twice per year, we review our teams’ performance and promotion readiness.
  • At Advention, the sky is the limit for star players. We reward individuals for their contributions to clients, colleagues and the firm overall. We have no set duration by level.

Global integration under a single P&L

  • One of our key hiring criteria is having a global perspective.
  • 80% or more of our projects have a global element and we staff our projects accordingly.
  • We bring the global team together annually at our global offsite event. The goal is to forge bonds across borders and ensure that individuals stay connected and develop productive relationships worldwide. Past locations for the global offsite include (Greece, Iceland, Czech Republic, Morocco and many more).
  • We believe that our single P&L model is critical to the success of our global integration. Individuals are staffed on projects based on skills and availability rather than proximity and local office allegiance.
  • We review our teams’ performance bi-annually, to maintain a consistent global standard. The goal in these reviews is to provide recognition, where deserved and support, where needed.
  • To foster global interaction, we offer opportunities for our team to work for extended periods from our foreign offices. These opportunities are offered to high potential individuals who demonstrate a strong desire to learn about the local cultures, clients and services in these global offices.

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